Antimicrobial Paint

NIPPON PAINT (Singapore) Co Pte Ltd is the manufacturer of our SMART antimicrobial paint.

G3 Blue Technology Pte Ltd is a health-science company, providing environmental solutions for clean air and water.

Nippon and G3 have collaborated to successfully integrate the antimicrobial technology, G3Tech, into Nippon paint to eliminate fungi, moulds, bacteria and viruses, with an efficacy of 99.99% in one hour. This is the only known chemical-free technology which relies on natural light and biological non-contact process to prevent the surface spread of microbes. The technology is also known to have the shortest time (1 hour) to efficacy against alternate solid antimicrobial properties, compared to a typical time efficacy period of 18 to 24 hours. This shortest time to efficacy is the only known way to stop surface contamination as virus and bacteria are known to multiply exponentially after an hour.

Our G3Tech molecule, a plant extract of a natural-occurring compound, has the capability of regenerating itself through a photobiological process and it does not leach out by washing.  Hence, the paint is effectively antimicrobial throughout the normal life span of any paint works.

Paint Benefits

Almost NO Pain Odour

Excellent coverage and hiding power

Zero VOC, ammonia-free


Non-toxic (no heavy metal, lead or mercury)

Anti-stain and 2x easier to clean

Resistant to fading and chalking

Excellent flow and leveling, less splatter

G3 Tech Benefits

Safe (non-toxic)

Multi-spectrum (fungi, moulds, bacteria, viruses)

Anti-leach (non-dissolution with moisture)


Regenerative (long-lasting)

Targeted (High efficiency)

Generally, many people spend more than 75% of their time indoors. Hence, it is vital that our indoor environment is friendly to healthy living.

G3Tech helps to create a surface which microbes cannot survive.  Cleaner surfaces mean reduced potential for staining, unpleasant odours, and cross-contamination.  The painted surfaces stay fresh longer, ultimately minimising material degradation. The original paint used is green label certified in Singapore. From the benefits listed above, our paint not only provides assurance for aesthetics, but also promotes a clean and healthy environment for indoor living for ourselves and our loved ones.

The science behind our technology

We have developed a unique and high-efficiency antimicrobial technology, namely G3Tech, to fight against a very broad spectrum of harmful microbes such as bacteria, spores and fungi. G3Tech makes use of a polypeptide (P)-conjugated photosensitizer (PS), collectively denoted as PS-P, to realize the antimicrobial property. G3Tech functions via a dual antimicrobial mechanism where PS is based on photodynamic antimicrobial (PDA) mechanism and P works via cationic antimicrobial (CA) mechanism. PDA mechanism is based on the science of photochemistry. The PS is activated by light irradiation to a higher energy state. The excited PS will then pass the energy to the ambient oxygen molecules. The energized oxygen species are highly oxidizing agents which can kill the microorganisms in the vicinity. Meantime, the PS molecules are regenerated for next cycles of PDA process. In the CA mechanism, the cationic (positively charged) polypeptide can particularly attack the negatively charged microbes. The cell membranes of the microbes will be destroyed and thus the microbes will be killed. By combination of PDA and CA mechanisms, SMART Technology works to kill the microorganisms with high efficiency both with and without light.

Schematic diagram of the dual antimicrobial mechanism of SMART Technology