Indoor Clean Air Solution

Our Indoor Clean Air Solution provides a simple way to reduce CO2 and clean microbial build-up within an enclosed environment. In contrast, ordinary air purifiers are unable to clean haze particles as they are too small.

Hence, our Indoor Clean Air Solution provides occupants, especially children, with fresh indoor clean air that can improve their sleep quality and overall resistance to illnesses. Products include antimicrobial filter panels, air quality tracking devices and purifiers.



  • Purifies all particulate matter, cleans and remove gases and odor

PDT Nano Filter Window Panel

  • Blocks smog/haze
  • Kills microbes
  • Infuses fresh air

Air Quality Monitor

  • Real-time Air Quality Index cloud-based tracking
  • Live recording
  • Chart visualisation of data

Cloud App

  • Intelligent Control
  • Able to send reminders when limits of gases or pollutants in the room have been exceeded

Usage in childcares

Why is reducing CO2 important?

Long hours spent at childcare
Good air quality benefits children
CO2 effects