Our Technology

1) Photosensitizer (PS) is an insoluble coating which gets excited by light (photon absorption).

2) The high energy is then transferred to ambient oxygen molecules where oxygen elevated to excited singlet state or converted to ROS (reactive oxygen species).

3) The highly oxidizing power eliminates pathogenic microbes and PS is relaxed back to ground singlet state (re-generated).

Our Business

Clean Air & Water Solutions

  • Indoor Air Quality Cleaning Solution
  • Airborne formaldehyde decomposition
  • Medical Mask
  • Portable water purification carrier


  • Hospital specialised disinfectant
  • High touch public general disinfectant
  • Childcare and school disinfectant


  • Specialised antimicrobial paint series
  • Coating

Personal Care and Hygiene

  • Non-woven hospital series products
  • Skincare products
  • Home products

Our Partners